US is on the way to data governance
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US is on the way to data governance

For those, who are interested in data governance, this is important. US for many years resisted creating federal regulation of data, except for data flows related to international trade. For all other kinds of data-related issues, such as protection and privacy, the government left industries to self-regulate.

This may change.

New proposal, as reported by TechCrunch, seeks to establish a separate Data Protection Agency, "designed to address modern concerns around privacy and tech that existing government regulators have proven ill-equipped to handle." Among "existing government regulators", one is prominent - Federal Trade Commission, which, as the proposal recognized, failed to protect Americans from unfair practices of tech giants.

A Senate proposal for a new US agency to protect Americans’ data is back – TechCrunch
Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has revived a bill that would establish a new U.S. federal agency to shield Americans from the invasive practices of tech companies operating in their own backyard. Last year, Gillibrand (D-NY) introduced the Data Protection Act, a legislative proposal that wou…