Today was Monday
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Today was Monday

And it was a good day.

It started with bit of anxiety (possibly in part caused by too black coffee), but I calmed myself down by being there for myself and writing positive thoughts. After work, I had a short meeting for side research project and then I went to sleep with the intention to sleep for hour, but eventually ended sleeping for two. And it was a great nap.

I woke up relaxed and full of motivation to do things. First thing first, I haven’t run for two weeks and my legs were itching. I figured out via Google Maps how I can get to my old running spot, get changed and went out. Turns out, route is very simple - I take one bus at Andrassy street and it gets right to the spot I start my running - literally on the spot. I get out of the bus and do not have to walk more, I just can start running.

Running felt easy for legs and I was happy and grateful about that. Ever since I changed my running style to forefoot running, running turned into joyful easy movement and sometimes I felt that I am barely touching the ground. Running was a bit heavy on my lungs though, but I figured it’s due to my recent cold as nose and throat were sore. I stabilized my breath over the run eventually.

After the run I sat on the benches near to the Parliament, enjoying the sunset over Danube. It was around 8PM, and it was not very hot thanks to waves of fresh warm wind. The place and the view felt peaceful and I felt proud of my accomplished easy run.

I walked couple minutes to the closest Aldi and bought everything for getting back on track with my healthy foods. I saw a dog outside of the store, patiently lying and waiting for its owner and with sadness in its eyes looking at every person exiting the store. I noticed that I started to feel very sympathetic to dogs and animals in general. It’s either me getting old or just Instagram’s algorithmic selection of puppies and animals videos into my feed just doing it’s job. I love dogs, but not to the extent of having one - it would be too much hustle.

Another pleasant surprise of the evening was that I can take red trolley right next to Aldi near the parliament and in 10 minutes it will get me very close to my apartment - about 2 minutes walking from the bus stop. So I hopped on the trolley with my bags full of beans, fish, fruits and other foods, and was noticing a lot of cool with cousin restaurant, bars and coffee shops as the trolley was navigating its way across small streets around Andrassy and Oktogon full of cafes, bars, tables under trees and people enjoying this cozy Monday evening in Budapest.