Saturday Morning
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Saturday Morning

It is Saturday morning. Well, okay, its not a morning, it is already 2.45PM and I woke around 1PM. But for the sake of this writing, lets say it is a morning.

So it is a Saturday morning. Last night, which was full of heavy rain and loud thunderstorms, seems like never happened. Hot summer is back. Yet, the sun is hiding behind clouds and the wind is showing up occasionally and, as it happens every Saturday’s morning, residents of Budapest woke up earlier (than me) and went on to populate all their favorite coffee and breakfast places around the city. Instagram stories are popping up with lattes, brunches, vegans, espressos, sausages, scrambled eggs and a good amount of filters. Happy to woke up alive from the last night’s drinking, or just happy that the week is over and they now have one full day of everything they do not have time to do during the week (but they want so much) and probably won’t have time today as well since Saturday is too short, and people are everywhere, and you have to wait in line to get your favorite table at your favorite place and serving of breakfast is taking longer than usual and you are spending more time at your breakfast place than you planned. Happens all the time.

After you fill yourself up with normal food you craved for all the week, not that quasi-food that you try to cook based on instagram posts and google searches, but actually, well-prepared, warm and simple food that you do not spend hours to cook — simple and wonderful ready-made food just for you. And now you are full of it, since you are susceptible to food coma and already feel the weight of sleepy eyes (as well as weight of few extra kilos of yours). You start to think that your to-do list for today has too many items and you already lost half of your energy just to process your morning breakfast. As a result, you sit behind coffee a little longer, you walk a bit slower, your reactions are bit slow and your body starts to crave that cozy soft bed you just woke up from couple hours ago.

So, the question is: do you end the day now and go to sleep or do you force yourself through the rest of your planned wonderful Saturday and check out every item in your to do list just as you do on usual weekday? Choice is yours to make.