On Having a Coffee ☕
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On Having a Coffee ☕

Aah, coffee. Drink of life. Nervousness mixed with excitement. You cannot properly wake your mind up and start working without it, and yet you cannot properly focus once anxiety spates through your veins.

You started with simple instant coffees. You never really felt any coffee effects until you got into an university. That's where you understood the brilliance of it: when coffee kicks-in, you add additional few hours of studying to your already tired and on the bring of collapse body. Then, once you started earning money, you could afford actually going to coffee houses and ordering something fine. At first, it felt different, as if it was a not a coffee at all. But then, as with everything else addictive, you started to like it. There was something to uncover in coffee. Hidden patterns and textures that you could not really grasp or describe, but you knew they were there. It does not have an immediate taste: not sweet, not bitter, no taste of leaves as in tea. You felt that it was a drink with a sophisticated personality and although you did not understand whether you liked it or not, you were intrigued by how it smells (very good), how it tastes (strange) and what it does (gets you hyped up).

Once you buy your French press or moka pot or espresso machine, you start to believe that you are a sophisticated person yourself. In fact, you are somewhere between an caffeine addict and a cheap show off. You respect people that develop expertise in coffee and share its nuanced details and aspects that your tongue and mouth are too numb to feel. Watching YouTube videos of someone like James Hoffmann - who compares water types (!) for coffee brewing and has his own French press method that does not include any pressing (!) - makes you think that you are more of a show-off that wanders around Starbucks and few very cool local coffee shops in Budapest. Asked to namedrop few titles, you cannot go further then caramel macchiato, szafari espresso (this is awesome), latte and double espresso.

Well, at least you can be happy that you are not an addict, right?

Once you finish full cup of it, you feel like your pupils got bigger, blood gets running and your leg starts twitching like hell. After hour or two of hyperactivity, anxiety kicks in, while all life powers are being sucked out of you as if you are having a dementor kiss. Now, you either get more of this black substance or go get water or tea to calm down. Guess what you choose.