Moved and moved on!
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Moved and moved on!

We moved. Finally. Last night I slept three hours, then worked until 4PM, then got almost everything I have packed and by going up and down three times was able to  get everything downstairs, ordered Bolt and arrived at new place. Concierge at new apartment is a very friendly old man with glasses, that gives this warm vibe. He was very friendly, seeing that I am moving my bags and boxes, he opened the door for me, and without me asking anything grabbed one of boxes himself and brought to the elevator. I was so surprised and also did not want to bring any hustle to him so I think I thanked him at least five times.

After, I went to old apartment, S. came from work and brought delish Thai food takeaway, I was very happy since I was living on cheap sandwiches and last crumbles of food supplies (since I moved everything to new place) for a week, and was happy to have a hot meal - my GF is a really wonderful creature. We watched Modern Family and enjoyed our last dinner at our old place in the best spirit of our couple’s tradition. Usually we watch Friends of HIMYM, but the former went off from Netflix and we saw the latter so many times during each dinner for almost three years that we tired of it. Modern Family is very good though, and it is one of those rare wins when I discover some show, try to sell it to my GF and she actually likes it. This happens rarely.

After that, we started long cleaning process and it lasted from around 8PM until 4AM in the morning. I never cleaned a place like the way we did last night in my life. Every tiny and every corner was spotless, and apartment was just as new as when we first moved in. In fact, we found old photos of this apartment from the ad we saw on Facebook, and we re-created everything just in as in the photo. Funny how getting back our deposit made us to make our apartment as clean as it was never before - we never cleaned like that for ourselves. I am having bit of cold due to hot weather and cold air from AC, and weakness kicked in from time to time, but overall I was focused, and happy that I am we doing it together with my GF, friendly, funny and under her perfect taste music selection.

At 5 AM, we arrived to new place and were powerless.