More about moving
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More about moving

It is fixed! Now, happily I will have a stable much faster internet connection at my new apartment. My great new landlord was able to get few shots at the provider and organize us with broadband internet and TV. And speed is very fast.

Now, everything needed to move it is done. I am excited about very much.

Today is Thursday and I am literally exhausted. I went to sleep last night at 3 AM and woke up at 6.50 AM, but was able to get off bed only at 7.03AM and was late for my work for 3 minutes. By the end of the process, moving is taking all the time available, leaving spots just for sleeping and eating. And although, I have been moving all big stuff for past two weeks, smaller stuff keeps getting bigger. We packed all the kitchen and food stuff, so I cannot have any proper breakfast or even cup of coffee. I will be ordering Starbucks delivery later and will enjoy sandwich with latte.

Finally, about the summer 2021. It is very hot in Budapest. Past two weeks average was approximately at 33-34 Celsius. Yesterday, as I was waiting for my Bolt driver to pick me and my two huge boxes, I was standing in the shadow and literally feeling the hot moisturized heat touching my skin. Sun is shining a lot, which is good and all 90s West Coast hip-hop songs sound just perfect under this weather. But it is literally impossible to be outside and I believe I spent the least amount of time outside in June than in any other month so far. Yes, I feel better in colder weather. Good thing is that heat is dropping off. Today close to morning, I heard heavy rain and lightning and the sky finally BOOMed after collecting all these heat. Cold air was flowing through my open window and it finally felt very fresh after the rain.